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Ballard Hall Real Estate  - Gail P. Ballard Hall (Principal Owner / Broker), Judith Cyronak (Associate Broker), Blake Phelan (Associate Broker), Chelsea Phelan Redd (Real Estate Licensee), Laurel LIttlefield (Real Estate Licensee), Michele Phelan (Real Estate Licensee), Diane Kildea (Licensee), David Graham (Real Estate Licensee), and Elizabeth Carlson.  Tel: 401-466-8883

Offshore Property - Robin Lewis Vila (Principal Owner / Broker), Sue Brown Black (Owner / Broker), Edith L. Blane (Associate Broker), Corlies Black (Sales Associate), Kerri Gaffett (Sales Associate), Krista Vila (Sales Associate), and in loving memory, Rick Foreman (Sales Associate).  Tel: 401-466-5446

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(Make sure you tell the pharmacy you want the prescription delivered to New England Airlines in Westerly.  They usually deliver in the afternoon.  And make sure you use the correct CVS.  That's the number listed above.  There are two CVS's in Westerly and only one of them delivers to the plane.

art and Artists On Block Island

Here is an incomplete (and growing) list of artists and art organizations on Block Island.  Much of this information is derived from the "Block Island  Art Trail Map” and used by the permission of the Spring Street Gallery.  You can download the map here.

As you view these websites, you will find the wonderful work that artists on Block Island have created.  You will also learn about the artists themselves – what they love about what they do and why they choose to do it here.  So please explore these sites and when you’re on the island, come visit our artists and galleries.  You may find some kindred spirits and may find in some of their work, a lasting expression of what is most beautiful and meaningful about Block Island.