Bill and I had been coming to Block Island for years before we made it our home.  We knew enough to get around, but it took time to learn the things we could only learn by living here, knowing people, watching their lives and hearing their stories, and having a number of experiences ourselves.  These articles include include some practical information, but they are heavily tilted toward those stories, because that's what you won't find anywhere else.  In some cases, they are told as they actually happened and in some cases they are cobbled together from a number of situations, but I hope they are true in spirit to how it is to be in this very beautiful, interesting and human place.  I've tried to be entertaining, and I hope you'll enjoy or at least put up with my jokes.  More than that, I've tried to give you useful information from an islander's point of view.  I hope it will make your life easier, keep you safer, and help you to have a wonderful time on the island.

Some of the articles have handouts.  You are free to download and print them for personal and family use, but please don't print the photographs or copy them with any electronic devices.   Several of the photographs you see on this site are for sale at the Spring Street Gallery on Block Island which by the way, is run by a wonderful group of Block Island artists.  (It will open for business just before Memorial Day and will stay open into October.)  You can read more about the Gallery and many other fine artists and galleries on Block Island in the blog post called "Art and Artists on Block Island."   You can see more of my writing and photographs on my other website,

Also, please don't hesitate to contact the Block Island Chamber of Commerce for more information about Block Island.  Here's the link:  They in turn, can direct you to the all real estate agents on Block Island who can tell you about summer rentals.  I want to stress this point.  When you rent a vacation place on Block Island, go directly to your homeowner or to the realtor who represents them.  Make sure you talk to them in person.  There are special things to know about coming here, and they'll be very helpful to you.