Art and Artists on Block Island

If you've ever wondered if artists run out of inspiration after spending years and years on such a small island, look at these two photographs.  They are the taken under different atmospheric conditions, with different shutter speeds.  One is farther back from the other, but they are taken of the same subject.  The wind and light are always changing on Block Island, and there is beauty everywhere.  That's the biggest thing.

Here is an incomplete (and growing) list of artists and art organizations on Block Island.  Much of this information is derived from the "Block Island  Art Trail Map” and used by the permission of the Spring Street Gallery.  You can download the map here.

As you view these websites, you will find the wonderful work that artists on Block Island have created.  You will also learn about the artists themselves – what they love about what they do and why they choose to do it here.  So please explore these sites and when you’re on the island, come visit our artists and galleries.  You may find some kindred spirits and may find in some of their work, a lasting expression of what is most beautiful and meaningful about Block Island.