This site is for Anyone who wants to come to Block Island


I started this site because I wanted to tell you about our house, specifically if you wanted to rent it for your summer vacation.  But the site quickly turned into a lot more than that. 

I realized how much I wanted to tell you what it is like to come here.  So I wrote and wrote in an effort to give you as much good information as possible.  I told you most of what I've learned in 20 years of living here, about getting to the island, staying safe and enjoying the best things about being in this wonderful place.

I should also tell you that in addition to our house being rented in the summer, it is also up for sale.  You'll see all those details in the "Our Home" tab, but whether that is relevant to your purpose or not, I hope you enjoy the articles in the "Useful Info" section and that you find the information in them helpful.

My husband Bill and I wish you the best for a wonderful vacation and/or life on Block Island.


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